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Going Global connecting a local community to the global audiences is the new mantra with internet providing a platform covering an exclusive area like Banjara hills would truly give visibility to your service, a wider audience of Hyderabadis living across the world.

At banjarahills.com and business pages designed to help its users find the company’s products, services and information they need to make the right business decision. Get your own place in this exclusive zone at banjarahills.com.

What will you get

Your business will be represented with your masthead (your logo enhanced for web quality). Here you have multiple options to choose from. Your web page will be complete with a contact form for enquiries to be captured.         

Who will be there

Apart from the who-is-who of Hyderabad you will have an exclusive web page, which is as good as having your own branch in the city. And you don’t even have to invest much!

To get your place in banjarahills.com, all you need to do is check out the option that best suits your business and say YES! We will do the rest for you.

About Banjarahills.com

Banjara Hills.com is an online entertainment and cultural magazine devoted to bringing quality editorial content of news and information about the historical city, Hyderabad to the visitors and residents alike. Rich information on nightlife, events, movies, happenings. Detailed directory of businesses, products & services.

Banjarahills.com is an online marketplace that offers wide variety of services, which includes Classifieds, Hyderabad Local (Yellow pages), events, deals, services, photo gallery along with the rich content.

 Promotional Options

The Banners

Banners are the best way to attract users online. We do this so we can know exactly where they will be, what size and how influential. These appear in a rotation on our homepages as well as a static ad on the section pertaining to your business (i.e., if you’re a restaurant, you go in the restaurant section). The main exception is “Primetime” which will appear on the front index page.

Hyderabad Local (Yellow Pages)

There are amazing tools for your business. The way they work is this we place them into the category of our site that pertains most to your business. In this case, we put the feature for “Pizza Stores” in our hangout section. As you see, it has a lead in paragraph and an image of your establishment.

Once you click your business listing, you come to a page on banjarahills.com dedicated only to your establishment. You can show as many images as you want, as much text as you want, and link to as many places as you want (including your own homepage or online reviews) List menus, drink specials, events, anything. We are happy to make changes when you want them and as often as you do.

We recognize that everyone can’t afford the lakhs of rupees billboards in Hyderabad and we also don’t expect you to pay thousands of rupees with no returns. We’ve gotten very lucky to have such a recognizable web address and want to pass our fortune on to you be making our promotions not only affordable but worthwhile and impressionable.

Similarly you can choose from variety of promotional spaces, which are interactive like Classifieds, Yellow pages, Deals, Events, Shopping and many more exciting sections.

Say Yes! And mail your requirements to info@banjarahills.com our representative from Banjarahills.com would help you get your place on the most happening place in Hyderabad.


People who visit Hyderabad City every year, and over a million of these travelers define themselves specifically as "business travelers," meaning they're coming to Hyderabad City with the specific intention of spending their time - and money! - Exploring the Business opportunities, arts & entertainment scene the city has to offer. Use this great opportunity and make the best of it to give your product, service, business that extra exposure to be a winner.


Banner ads are available in 5 standard sizes.

728 x 90

299 x 133

300 x 250

650 x 80

120 x 90

We appreciate your enquiry to Banjarahills.com. We hope this information is useful for you. For any further questions regarding our services please contact us at 040-23316699, alternatively you can also email us at info@banjarahills.com.



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